Wednesday, April 15, 2009

what is it about 3rd mainland bridge?!?

Just yesterday a man called in to one of my favourite radio show saying that he had to stop on third mainland bridge to stop one young man(early twenties) from jumping into the sea. His problem...things are tough in the country. This caller was informed by a bike(Okada) man that about 4 days ago another young man had jumped in. The annoying part was that I remember that someone told me that he had left Benin in Edo state and travelled all the way to Lagos with the intention of jumping off the same bridge while he was severely depressed. He actually made the journey got to the bridge but by some divine intervention...he didn't do it. Wouldn't it have been more cost effective to just find somewhere in Benin to carry this act...just kidding.
Any way, let's not wave it aside, get informed. Suicide used to be said to be a white man's problem. Read up my various articles on depression from the archive of the month of February, it may just be of help to you or someone you know.

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  1. People actually do that in Nigeria? On 3rd mainland? Wow! Not suprised at suicide. Just did not think that people were jumping of bridges here.

    Meanwhile, you are doing such a great thing with this blog. I have read almost all of your posts. I think that mental health is a subject that is rarely addressed in this part of the world. People need to know so that they can get help early if affected. Great job!