Thursday, April 30, 2009

8 Steps To a Happier life

I once had the opportunity to ask an almost 70years old man who had been married 5 times why he had done that? He wasn’t really polygamous because he married them one after the other and never had two wives at any point in time. His reply was that in all these relationships he was looking for happiness.
Psychologist Michael Fordyce reports, “When I ask people, ’What’s the most important thing in life?’ about half of them immediately say, ’Happiness’ ”.
The pursuit of happiness is integral to living and many researches have been done and theories put forward to explain the concept of happiness. Michael Fordyce has translated the results of empirical and theoretical studies into a practical programme which is aimed at bringing more happiness into ones life.

Happiness is within reach, but it requires some level of work in these 8 simple steps:
1. Spend time with your loved ones.
Of all the characteristics and circumstances that happy people share, loving relationships stands out.
2. Seek challenging, meaningful work.
If love is the first priority, work is the second; happy people work hard and enjoy what they do. If your current job or your course in the university is not rewarding, then consider switching to one that is.
3. Be helpful to others.
Doing good enhances self-esteem and relieves stress.
4. Make time for activities that you enjoy.
Most people waste a lot of time doing things that leave them feeling empty or bored. Decide what makes you happy and do it.
5. Keep fit
Run, bike, swim, play a sport, dance. No one knows exactly why aerobics increases subjective well-being, but there is abundant evidence that it does.
6. Be organized but flexible.
Planning ahead is important (especially if you include plans for fun), but your life should not be so tightly scheduled that you cannot spontaneously try something different. People who seek new experiences are happier than people who stick to the “tried and true.”
7. Think positively.
If you expect good things to happen, you generally will get what you are looking for (and vice versa).
8. Keep things in perspective.
Everyone has emotional highs and lows, but try to stay on an even keel as much as possible.

A wise man once said “progress can be programmed” so take these steps and enjoy a happier life.

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