Friday, October 2, 2009

I HAVE A DREAM! testimony

This is actually a previously published article with a few adjustments, I thought I should share it with my new (blog) friends...

“Sorry we won’t be able to publish your articles monthly… you know this is not a psychiatry magazine”. These were the words I was told after my first article was published in June edition of Genevieve 2008, and I was trying to push for a second publication. Some people suggested I should publish in any of the health magazines (for heaven sake, how many people even read that…I don’t…and I’m a doctor), many other lifestyle magazines kept turning me down and I must confess I sometimes felt discouraged.

It all started with an idea, or should I call it a dream in 2007. I had come to the conclusion that there was a great dearth of information regarding mental health in the general population in this part of the world. My resolve was to be an agent of change by enlightening people so I started scribbling my thoughts and experiences into articles hoping that someday it will be published in a nationally renowned lifestyle magazine-precisely, Genevieve. Someone told me my style of writing wasn't good because I was obviously a columnist 'wanna be'..." I needed to be more professional". The dilemma with this advice was that, if I was too professional I'll be boring and not too many people will get the gist.

During all those times I was turned down by various magazines including my dream magazine, the words of Otunba Gaddafi, one of Nigeria’s thriving entrepreneur, kept ringing in my heart; how he had persisted with his 'mobile toilet' idea… so I persisted.

Someone read one of my article and felt it was good enough so he introduced me to blogging where I could post my thoughts without being harassed by any editor and make some dough (cash) while at it…did you really think this was strictly for charity?

Anyway the main gist is, I look back and in the last 7 months from March till this month in 2009, my articles have consistently been published in Genevieve, they even gave me my own column... In The Pink (I wanted "Stop This Madness...notes from a concerned psychiatrist" but this name is cooler abi? It doesn't carry the stigma that comes with kolo health).

I may not have it all…yet! But like my pastor will say "the Journey is the Joy", it may look fuzzy and hazy sometimes but it pays to persist and keep at it, who knows, if only you just took one more step, the fruits of the whole waiting process would have been harvested.

In closing I want to give props to Tobenna of Shirak! who have inspired me and keep inspiring me in this blogging business. Also I really do want to appreciate aunty Betty Irabor for the priceless opportunity through Genevieve magazine as a platform to inspire right perspectives towards mental health and a more fulfilled life in general, indeed it is a dream come true.Also a big thank you to all of you who have been commenting.

To all my fellow bloggers, especially all up-coming artistes like me (until I have done one year in this business before I will agree I'm 'old')… keep at it; you are indeed making a difference…whether good or bad (lol).


  1. just stopping by,first time here,cheers

  2. I don't have access to Genevieve or I would have checked you out. I think you write well so Kudos and yeah I'm encouraged too.

  3. you write for Genivieve? wow, thats nice. I've written for a few magazines too. I just wish more serious ones would call me.

    I'm almost always itching to write something.
    You're blessed. keep doing your thing. And the blogging thing is a very good idea. Trust me.

  4. Sometimes I think most of us just give up too soon.

    You are a testimony indeed that dreams do come true.

    I'll be on the look out for "In the Pink"!

  5. i'll be on the look out for in the pink.....