Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Blogger's Note...I'M BACK!!!!

It's been ages since I wrote on my blog. I'm glad to be back, like some one said from 'set back' to 'come back'. Anyway I hope things have been great with you? It is not easy keeping up with blogging o...how on earth do you guys(who blog) do it?
I intend to put up an article on addiction, I notice it is a real menace that tends to ruin the lives of the affected individual and their loved ones so I feel it is my responsibility to try and help someone out there.
While I get round to do that do enjoy these articles on insomnia (for those with sleep issues), 'think on these things', and the hilarious captions. By the way if you live in Nigeria, particularly Lagos, do pick up a copy of Genevieve magazine monthly and check out my column, it's called 'In the Pink'...cool name se!

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