Monday, June 8, 2009


June is here. I was almost giving up because I thought there was nothing more exciting to write about.
Some days ago I once again had an exciting experience during a ward round in the hospital where I work so I thought 'hmmm...this will be a nice issue to share' because I had only read about this condition but had never seen a classical case. So apart from talking on Addictions this month, I'll also talk about PARANOID PERSONALITY DISORDER (the case I saw).
Just in case you live in Lagos you can pick a copy of this month's edition of Genevieve magazine to read up my article on "What to do if your loved one is mentally ill".
As usual there will also be a fortnight publication of "As a man thinks...inspiring quotes" and the usual hilarious stay tuned. Cheers.

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  1. Otefe the invisible blogger...
    Good to see you up in here.
    You've been blogging since December and no one has heard of you?
    Will have to read up that article on Genevieve...
    A very belated welcome to blogging!