Monday, December 29, 2008

A Fulfilled LIFE…we came, we saw, we left.

I recently lost a friend and it got me thinking (you know that’s the kind of thing losing a loved one does to you). He was in his early 30s so one is tempted to feel he was cut short in the prime of his life but I sincerely beg to disagree. A wise man once said "life is not so much about its duration rather it’s about its contribution" so I can sincerely say my friend lived a good life. But hold on! " what makes up a fulfilled life"? You know, what are the things that should be top on the list… for one to say he enjoys or enjoyed a fulfilled life? I had to check up the word fulfilled in the dictionary, Oxford to be precise, and it defined "fulfilled" as "feeling happy and satisfied that you are doing something useful with your life".
Hmm….I did some more research (more like soul searching) and came up with what I call the 4 pillars of a fulfilled life, enjoy
Faith…like Mel Gibson said in the movie "the sign", there are two types of people in the world, those who believe in God and does who don’t. If something good occurs those who believe, attribute it to "God" those who don’t attribute it to "luck"…and when something terrible occurs, (like finding out they have cancer), those who believe have "hope" but those who don’t, feel "helpless". Faith is the daring of the soul to go farther than it can see. Faith births purpose. Purpose gives meaning to life and a sense of well being. My late friend will say…"it’s crucial".
Family… this impacts on us sometimes more than we choose to agree. Both your family of orientation (the one you grew up in) and your family of procreation (the one you make with your spouse) should be cherished. It all begins with the family and when "push comes to shove" your family would usually be your haven from the storms of life. Never take family for granted. Don’t let your differences tear you apart; the truth is your family is worth fighting for especially the one you make with your spouse. So go ahead, make that phone call, let go of the pain, let go of the hurt and bitterness. Build bridges and not walls.
Finance… do I hear a "yes o!" there is an old adage that says "a hungry man is an angry man". (Can’t remember seeing the word "angry" in the dictionary’s definition of fulfilled). You will agree that financial freedom brings joy. Not just having enough, but more than enough so you could then joyfully assist someone else. Even when people are engaged in what they love and don’t get well paid for it they are often get disgruntled. So increase your capacity to earn more and more but learn to be content all the way.
Finally, Friendship… I had never thought of this fourth "F", but think about it? Many times we are so consumed in our own private world that we don’t sincerely ask how a friend is doing. I mean, just stop in our busy track and spend time with a friend even if it is not convenient and without an ulterior motive…e.g. the "you now owe me a favour" attitude. Apart from the friends you already have, learn to reach out to others. You will be so happy you did. True, you could be hurt by friends but trust me, you are much better of "with" than "without" them.
There is yet one last "F" I thought about that we often seek but is not a pillar for a fulfilled life: "Fame". Those who sought it at all cost and played down on faith, family and/or friends (usually they’ve got financed covered) will tell you they are empty and usually not fulfilled.
I think a life of fulfillment is built on these four pillars, they ALL need to be present won’t you agree? A dear friend of mine would say "you can have it all" but I’ll like to add "you ‘should’ have it all" and like John Maxwell will say
"We cannot choose how many years we will live, but we can choose how much life those years will have."

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  1. Life is a gift.... choose to live it wisely Its not how far but how well.Make positive impact in the life of others.